He would raise the issue of immigration at the next EU foreign ministers' meeting next week.

Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi's position is that the countries under whose flag the rescue ships sail are responsible for the rescued migrants on board.









Diplomatic tug-of-war over "Ocean Viking

The rescue ship with 234 refugees on board is looking for a safe Mediterranean port and is asking France for help. This leads to tensions between Paris and Rome. In Sicily, refugees can leave the ships.

 234 人の難民を乗せた救助船は、安全な地中海の港を探しており、フランスに助けを求めています。これは、パリとローマの間の緊張につながります。シチリアでは、難民は船から降りることができます。


The "Ocean Viking" of the organisation SOS Méditerranée is looking for a safe harbour (archive photo)
  The fate of the refugees on the rescue ship "Ocean Viking" in the Mediterranean has led to tensions between Italy and France. Paris called Rome's refusal to allow the ship to dock in one of its ports "unacceptable". Italy's new Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, on the other hand, described his country's hard line as a signal to other EU states that they must do their part in taking in refugees. After days of uncertainty, the refugees on board the rescue ships "Geo Barents" and "Humanity 1" had previously been able to go ashore in Sicily.

  組織 SOS Méditerranée の「オーシャン バイキング」は、安全な避難所を探しています (アーカイブ写真)

地中海の救助船「オーシャン・バイキング」での難民の運命は、イタリアとフランスの間の緊張につながっています。パリは、船がその港の1つにドッキングすることを許可することをローマが拒否したことを「受け入れられない」と呼びました. 一方、イタリアのアントニオ・タジャーニ新外相は、同国の強硬姿勢は、難民受け入れに向けて自らの役割を果たさなければならないという他の EU 加盟国への合図であると説明した。不安な日々が続いた後、難民たちは救助船「ジオ・バレンツ」と「ヒューマニティ 1」に乗ってシチリア島に上陸することができました。




French government reacts angrily
Italy's new ultra-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had thanked France on Tuesday for accepting the "Ocean Viking" with 234 refugees on board - without France having offered to do so. French government spokesman Olivier Véran reacted angrily to Meloni's action. He also explicitly referred to the EU's financial support for Italy.
 "The boat is in Italian waters, the European rules are very clear and have been accepted by Italy, which is also the biggest recipient of EU financial aid in solidarity," Véran told France TV. Italy had "its role to play" and "its European obligations to respect", the government spokesman stressed. The behaviour of the Italian government was unacceptable.

 イタリアの 新しい超右派首相、ジョルジア・メローニ は火曜日、234人の難民を乗せた「オーシャン・バイキング」を受け入れることを望んでいたフランスに感謝した。フランス政府のスポークスマンであるオリビエ・ヴェランは、メローニの行動に怒って反応した. 彼はまた、イタリアに対する EU の財政支援に言及した。

「ボートはイタリアの海域にあり、ヨーロッパの規則は非常に明確であり、EUの連帯財政援助の最大の受益者でもあるイタリアに受け入れられています」とベランはフランステレビに語った. イタリアは「その役割を果たす」必要があり、「ヨーロッパの義務を尊重する」必要があると、政府のスポークスマンは強調した。イタリア政府の行動は容認できません。




EU Commission demands reception of migrants
In a statement, the EU Commission called for "the immediate reception of all rescued people on board the 'Ocean Viking' at the nearest safe location". The situation on board the ship is "critical" and a "humanitarian tragedy" must be avoided.

 声明の中で、欧州委員会は「『オーシャン・バイキング』に乗船しているすべての救助された人々を、最も近い安全な場所に直ちに収容すること」を求めた. 船内の状況は「危機的」であり、「人道上の悲劇」は避けなければなりません。



EU Commission points to governments' legal duty to help shipwrecked people
 The "legal obligation to rescue and ensure the safety of life at sea" is "clear and unequivocal", the EU Commission said, referring to the 234 migrants on board the ship. It applies "regardless of the circumstances that lead to people being in distress". In its statement, the EU Commission did not mention France or Italy by name, but made clear that governments are legally obliged to help shipwrecked people.

 The United Nations called on both Italy and the EU to show solidarity with migrants. "Policies must not be pursued at the expense of people in need," the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, warned in a statement. 




Remaining refugees also allowed to leave "Humanity 1"
Only after days of uncertainty had the Italian authorities previously allowed around 250 remaining refugees on board the "Geo Barents" and "Humanity 1" to disembark in Sicily. More than 200 people left the "Geo Barents", which is moored in the port of Catania, on Tuesday, according to Doctors Without Borders. According to the organisation SOS Humanity, 35 refugees were also allowed to leave the "Humanity 1", which was also moored in Catania.

  不確実な日々が続いた後、イタリア当局は「ゲオ バレンツ」と「ヒューマニティ 1」に乗っていた残りの約 250 人の難民がシチリア島に上陸することを許可しました。国境なき医師団によると、200人以上が火曜日にカターニア港の「ジオ・バレンツ」から出て行った。組織SOSヒューマニティによると、35人の難民もカターニアにある「ヒューマニティ1」を離れることを許可されました。

Boat refugees on the "Geo Barents" allowed ashore in the Sicilian city of Catania
 Both ships had entered the port on Sunday, but the authorities had initially only allowed some of the refugees to go ashore. In contrast, the "Ocean Viking" of the organisation SOS Méditerranée then asked France for help after a futile search for a safe harbour in Italy.


両船は日曜日に入港したが、当局は当初、一部の難民しか上陸を許可していなかった。一方、組織 SOS Méditerranée の「海のバイキング」は、イタリアの安全な港を探した結果、フランスに助けを求めました。


Diplomatic tug-of-war between Rome and Paris
"Faced with Italy's silence and the exceptional situation, the 'Ocean Viking' extended its request for a safe place in France," SOS Méditerranée said. Both Corsica and Marseille agreed to temporarily host the ship.

 「イタリアの沈黙と例外的な状況を考慮して、『海のバイキング』はフランスに安全な場所を求める要請を延長しました」と SOS Méditerranée は述べました。コルシカ島マルセイユの両方が、船を一時的に収容することに同意しました。



Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani calls his government's new strategy a success
 French expert Matthieu Tardis spoke of a diplomatic tug-of-war between Paris and Rome. With its attitude, Italy is calling the European solidarity mechanism into question, he warned.


フランスの専門家マシュー・タルディスは、パリとローマの間の外交綱引きについて語った. その姿勢から、イタリアはヨーロッパの連帯メカニズムに疑問を投げかけている、と彼は警告した。


Rome wants new approach to boat refugees
Italian Foreign Minister Tajani, on the other hand, described his government's new strategy as a success. The decision of French President Emmanuel Macron to open the port in Marseille to the "Ocean Viking" shows that "things are moving", he affirmed in an interview with regional media despite the Parisian denial. He would raise the issue of immigration at the next EU foreign ministers' meeting next week.
 Italy's new government had announced a restrictive course in dealing with boat people: Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi's position is that the countries under whose flag the rescue ships sail are responsible for the rescued migrants on board.




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