In August, the US Congress voted through the $430-billion (€416-billion) package, which includes tax cuts and some $369 billion in subsidies



Though Biden stressed he would not apologize for his country's steps to counter inflation, he said disadvantaging any US allies was never his intention and admitted to "glitches" in the long and complicated legislation.

>>体のいい、言い訳だね。素直に認めるバイデンだね、不具合を。しかし、やっていることはもろに保護主義で、トランプもびっくりのAmerica Firstです。


 He stressed that the common goal was for both the US and Europe to achieve self-sufficiency and independence form other nations' supply chains.







President Biden@POTUS·12月2日 United States government official
It was a pleasure sitting down with my friend President Macron of France to outline our nations’ shared vision to strengthen security and increase prosperity worldwide, combat climate change, build greater resilience to its effects, and advance democratic values.

Emmanuel Macron@EmmanuelMacron·12月3日Officiel du gouvernement - France
Friendship, amitié.



Biden welcomes Macron but subsidies row endures

December 1, 2022

Joe Biden has described France as Washington's "oldest ally." But Emmanuel Macron has warned that US subsidies for American products, signed by President Biden last summer, could divide the West.



French President Emmanuel Macron was greeted by US President Joe Biden and a military honor guard at the White House on Thursday.

"France is our oldest ally, our unwavering partner in freedom's cause," Biden said in Washington, as he spoke of "the enduring strength and vitality of the great friendship between France and the United States of America."

Amid the war in Ukraine, Macron emphasized it was more important than ever to remain united.

"Our new frontiers are there, and it is our shared responsibility to respond to this," he said.







Tensions rise over US subsidies

But US-France relations are not steady on all fronts.

Macron is in Washington for his first state visit since Biden became president and is seeing it as an opportunity to air deep grievances over US-EU trade.

On Wednesday, Macron warned that newly introduced US subsidies could drive a wedge in European-American trade relations.

Speaking from Washington ahead of a meeting with US President Joe Biden, Macron was quoted as describing the subsidies as "super aggressive."

Biden signed the subsidies as part of the $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act last summer. The act promotes domestic energy production and clean energy.

The European Union argues that the tax breaks for US-made products put its own products at a significant disadvantage.

The 27-member bloc cannot compete with the US tax breaks, as it is tied by EU state aid.


マクロン大統領は、バイデン氏が大統領に就任して以来初めての公式訪問のためにワシントンを訪れており、これを米国と EU の貿易に関する深い不満を表明する機会と見なしています。



バイデンは昨夏、4,300 億ドルのインフレ削減法の一環として補助金に署名しました。この法律は、国内のエネルギー生産とクリーン エネルギーを促進します。


27 の加盟国からなるブロックは、EU の国家補助金によって結ばれているため、米国の税制優遇措置と競合することはできません。


>>あれ、IRAは4300億ドル! 3750€ではなかった? 補助金部分だね。


Pledging to avoid trade dispute

Macron and Biden pledged to work not to let US subsidies spark an even larger transatlantic trade dispute.

Though Biden stressed he would not apologize for his country's steps to counter inflation, he said disadvantaging any US allies was never his intention and admitted to "glitches" in the long and complicated legislation.

"We agreed to discuss practical steps to coordinate and align our approaches so that we can strengthen and secure the supply chains, manufacturing and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic," Biden said in a joint news conference.

 He stressed that the common goal was for both the US and Europe to achieve self-sufficiency and independence form other nations' supply chains.

Macron, who had warned on Wednesday that the US subsides could "split the West," softened his tone after meeting Biden on Thursday. The French president acknowledged that the legislation's goal to transition to green energy was a "common objective" shared by Europe.

"We want to succeed together — not against each other," Macron said. He added that his talks with Biden focused on how to "resynchronize."

The two presidents failed to offer specific measures as to how to overcome the impasse but agreed to form a working group to address the issue.





マクロン大統領は、水曜日に米国の補助金が「西側を分断する」可能性があると警告していたが、木曜日にバイデン氏と会談した後、口調を和らげた。フランスの大統領は、グリーン エネルギーへの移行という法律の目標は、ヨーロッパが共有する「共通の目標」であることを認めました。






Why is Macron's visit important?

Macron's statements come ahead of a day packed with activities with US counterpart Biden. On Thursday, the Macrons are expected for a state dinner at the White House, the first for a head of state since Biden's inauguration nearly three years ago.

The dinner is overseen by the first lady herself. It is part of the wider signs of amicable relations between the two countries, which Macron's visit aims to highlight.

Over 300 guests were invited for the White House dinner, designed with the colors red, white and blue at its center.

Jill Biden said the choice of color matched the colors of both countries flags "our common values, liberty and democracy, equality and fellowship.''

However, news reports ahead of the visit suggested Macron would use his time with Biden to air Europe's grievances regarding the US Inflation Reduction Act.

  マクロンの声明は、米国のカウンターパートであるバイデンとの活動でいっぱいの一日を前に出された. 木曜日に、マクロンホワイトハウスで州の晩餐会に出席することが期待されています。これは、ほぼ3年前のバイデンの就任以来、国家元首としては初めてのことです。


赤、白、青を中心にデザインされたホワイトハウスの夕食会には、300 人以上のゲストが招待されました。





Macron is the first foreign leader to be given a state dinner by the Biden White HouseImage: Susan Walsh/AP Photo/picture alliance


While Europe is aware that any major revision of the subsidies is out of the question, officials hope to secure exemptions similar to those granted to Mexico and Canada.

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アメリカ合衆国への公式訪問の終わりに、私は TF1 からの質問に答えます。