EU の汚職スキャンダル 2 人の議員が捜査中に免責を失う 本人が免責解除に投票する



Tarabella even himself voted in favor of having his immunity lifted, telling reporters later that "I remind you that I'm innocent in this affair" and that he looked forward to "justice running its course."






EU corruption scandal: 2 lawmakers lose immunity amid probe


The European Parliament has lifted the immunity of two of its members amid a probe of a suspected bribery case. The allegations, which implicate Qatar and Morocco, have badly shaken the body's reputation and self-image.

  欧州議会は、賄賂の疑いのある事件の調査の中で、2 人の議員の免責を解除しました。カタールとモロッコに関係する申し立ては、身体の評判と自己イメージをひどく揺るがしました.



The European Parliament on Thursday lifted the immunity of two lawmakers who will now face questioning by Belgian authorities in a graft probe linked to Qatar and Morocco.

 They, and four people already in custody, are suspected of involvement in a bribery scheme that allegedly saw the two countries trying to influence decisions by the European legislature by means of money funneled through nongovernmental organizations.

The two MEPS, Marc Tarabella from Belgium and Andrea Cozzolino from Italy, have both declared their innocence, and Qatar and Morocco have also denied any wrongdoing.

Tarabella even himself voted in favor of having his immunity lifted, telling reporters later that "I remind you that I'm innocent in this affair" and that he looked forward to "justice running its course."

The affair has cast a bad light on an institution that itself has often pointed to cases of corruption in other quarters.

  欧州議会は木曜日に、カタールとモロッコに関連する汚職捜査でベルギー当局による尋問に直面する 2 人の議員の免責を解除した。

彼らと、すでに拘留されている 4 人は、非政府組織を通じて集められた資金によって欧州議会の決定に影響を与えようとしたとされる贈収賄計画に関与した疑いがあります。

ベルギーのマーク・タラベッラとイタリアのアンドレア・コッツォリーノの 2 人の MEPS は無罪を宣言し、カタールとモロッコも不正行為を否定しました。




What are the two suspected of?

According to the report by the parliamentary committee in charge of the affair, Tarabella is suspected of accepting large amounts of money for taking particular points of view in the parliament in favor of a third country over the past two years.

Cozzolino is under suspicion of having made a deal with others in 2019 to oppose parliamentary decisions that could harm the interests of certain nations. He, too, is believed to have accepted money in return for the positions he professed.

  この件を担当する議会委員会の報告によると、タラベッラは過去 2 年間、議会で第三国に有利な特定の視点を持っていたとして多額の金銭を受け取った疑いがある。

コッツォリーノは、特定の国の利益を損なう可能性のある議会の決定に反対するために、2019 年に他者と取引を行った疑いがあります。彼もまた、公言した地位と引き換えに金銭を受け取ったと考えられています。



What has happened so far in the investigation?

The investigation is looking at suspected cases of bribery, money laundering and criminal organization that involve European Parliament lawmakers, ex-lawmakers and parliamentary aides, among others.

Several addresses, including Tarabella's, were raided by police in Decemberwith €1.5 million ($1.6 million) in cash discovered under suspicious circumstances.  

Police ended up detaining and charging four people, including Greek MEP Eva Kaili, one of the legislature's 14 vice presidents. She has since been removed from that position.

The other three are Kaili's boyfriend, former parliamentary aide Francesco Giorgi, former MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri and Niccolo Figa-Talamanca, the head of an NGO that shared an address with an NGO founded by Panzeri. All three are Italian.

Panzeri has struck a plea bargain with prosecutors under which he is to hand over evidence of bribes made and the individuals involved in return for a lighter sentence.

Kaili has insisted on her innocence, while Giorgi reportedly has partly confessed.

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タラベラの住所を含む複数の住所が 12 月に警察によって家宅捜索され、疑わしい状況下で  150 万ユーロ (160 万ドル) の現金が発見されました。
警察は最終的に、議会の 14 人の副大統領の 1 人であるギリシャの MEP Eva Kailiを含む4 人を拘留し、起訴した。その後、彼女はその地位から外されました。
他の 3 人は、カイリのボーイフレンド、元議会補佐官のフランチェスコ ジョルジ、元欧州議会議員のピア アントニオ パンゼリ、そしてパンゼリが設立した NGO と住所を共有する NGO の代表であるニッコロ フィガ タラマンカです。3人ともイタリア人。
Panzeri は検察官との間で、賄賂の証拠と関係者の証拠を引き渡す司法取引を行った。